What is Publish.org?

Publish.org is a non-profit supporting quality open journalism. We are a Community Interest Company based in the UK. Our aim is to foster new approaches to supporting and creating great journalism through collaboration and openness.


Publish.org was born from ideas about open journalism formed while the founding team worked together at The Guardian. The first project of Publish.org was a collaborative journalism platform.

The prototype for a new open journalism platform was built with support from foundations and donations, and an editorial board helped to shape the initial ideas about journalism communities. Freelance journalists joined after the platform was built, and the Publish.org community collaborated with them to produce a range of quality articles through the new open process.

The project is now complete. We’ve posted a full report of its inception, creation and operation which you can download here.

Open journalism

There are many challenges facing journalism as an industry worldwide – from the career paths journalists face to the way journalism gets made to the impact journalism has on society. But there are solutions to these problems.

At Publish.org we believe journalism can improve through less opaque commissioning and editing processes that have been used traditionally. By using open editorial workflow systems and a more collaborative approach to developing stories news can regain trust amongst the communities it serves.

Our work aims to demonstrate new ways of working and to help others achieve similar objectives.

Contact the team

We are always interested in talking to news organisations working on open journalism projects. Please get in touch by contacting Matt (matt@publish.org) and Sarah (sarah@publish.org).